Successful public relations will tell an organisation’s important stories in a dynamic, captivating and visual way. 

However, achieving this can be a substantial challenge.  The reason is the complex and evolving media environment.  Media are now required to produce more news at a faster pace with less resources.  Therefore, their demand for great quality content that can be used across multiple platforms should not be underestimated.

The challenge for public relations and why its endeavours often fail to deliver, is due to a lack of content, but also an understanding that the environment in which media operate has changed.  Thus successful PR is no longer as simple as writing a story and pitching it to media.

Producing great quality content for use across all media platforms is what The Press Office does best. The content we develop is always well researched, balanced, intelligent and original.  Moreover, we seek to illuminate these stories visually - in the form of video, infographics and presentations.  This ensures it will be successfully shared across multiple media platforms.

To ensure that we deliver on what we promise our clients The Press Office knows that there are four elements that are critical to success.

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“Success is in the planning”

therefore a critical element is a well-researched and measurable strategy/plan.


Excellent writing that is highly attractive to media,

in particular editors who not only appreciate compelling stories, but the added benefit of journalism-quality content that can be used across multiple platforms.


Professional and well established relationships with media is vital

because we know and understand that journalists are swamped.  In the complex media environment journalists now need to produce more news stories for use across multiple platforms.  Therefore, trusted relationships with PR professionals has become increasingly important to journalists.


An in-depth understanding of current affairs

and how this affects our clients.  None of the above is possible unless we know and understand our client’s business and what industry or broader issues effect their business.  Additionally, and equally important is understanding what is driving media, what are the headlines and what are the current issues and conversations taking place that could impact our clients.



But no one organisation is alike, so the challenge is how to integrate digital in a way that boosts your voice on critical issues and draws your target audience into a two-way conversation. Digital platforms that communicate the news are on the rise, but the discussions about what’s in the news is on social media. Facebook in particular has become a critical space for journalists, academics and social commentators to voice their opinions about the latest headlines. Thus, it is critical to understand this space.

The advice we often give to clients is that media activations cannot focus solely on a company’s achievements, but should build these achievements into a position about a current issue or debate taking place within the sector in which it operates.

Therefore, to assist our clients in staying informed about relevant issues, people and news happening around their business we offer the following services:

What we do.

Business intelligence

Insight Reports

Being aware of what it is taking place in your industry and what is driving the headlines helps ensure that you understand who you should communicate to and what needs to be communicated.  More importantly, it helps you identify any critical risks that may impact your business or opportunities that enhance your reputation.
The Press Office offers clients a range of Insight Reports.  These can be done on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


Thorough and informative research takes time and time is a precious commodity in today’s fast paced business environment.
Whether you are doing a presentation, compiling a board report or pitching for new business, The Press Office offers clients a research service but with the key differentiator of the research being interpreted for your needs.  Critically, it asks what the research means for your business. And what should you consider doing about it.

Third-party influencers

Often an organisation is unable to speak on an issue taking place in the media, although it may have very real repercussions on its operations.  In these instances, independent third party influencers prove invaluable.  They have the ability to add legitimacy to your cause and more often than not have a far better impact on influencing critical stakeholders.
Knowledge about who the commentators in your industry are, who are the individuals who are influencing decision makers such as business leaders, policy makers and government can prove to be critical when building and enhancing an organisations reputation but more importantly when protecting it.
The Press Office provides clients with a comprehensive service that keeps track and monitors third party influencers.  This can be done as a once-off project or as a monthly monitoring service.

We are a network of journalists, opinionists, writers, creatives, designers, wordsmiths, newsmakers and PR professionals.

The Press Office is the brainchild of Angie Richardson who is a PR professional. It is her passion for news and headlines and how they are created that started her journey in public relations.  Angie’s career spans 18 years and she has worked for a selection of international blue chip companies as well as local business and non-profit organisations.

Angie works in partnership with a selection of freelance journalists, graphic designers, writers, communication specialists, political and regulatory experts.  Angie has built and nurtured these trusted relationships over many years, many of whom have been mentors in Angie’s personal career growth.


Who we are.

The Press Office is the brainchild of Angie Richardson who is a PR professional.

It is her passion for news and headlines and how they are created that started her journey in public relations.  Angie’s career spans 20 years and she has worked for a selection of international blue chip companies as well as local business and civil society organisations.

Lebogang Mgiba is The Press Offices’ Digital Director. 

He is a journalism graduate from the University of Johannesburg and he has worked in the magazine industry for two years before venturing into the digital space. He's worked for a creative agency for two years doing strategy, social media content, copywriting and everything digital. He has worked on a number of brands and organisations like Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital Trust, Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, Hollard Insurance, Amka just to mention a few and he's currently working as a digital strategist for Soul City Institute for Social Justice while he does freelance work on his spare time.

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